Step-by-Step Timeline

If you are here, you may already be overwhelmed and frustrated by the insurance claims process or have had trouble with your insurance company. While this is a far-too-common problem, it is neither legal nor fair.

It’s time to put your mind at ease and put money owed to you from your insurance policy in your pocket.

There are basic steps that any policy holder can do for themselves to maximize the likelihood of speedy and fair payment. Reclaim your right to a settlement that adequately compensates you for your damages with this step-by-step approach, and know that Storm Help Team is here to help you when you need professionals on your side:

  1. Initiate your claim by notifying your insurance company
  2. Build a winning claim package through extensive documentation.
  3. Be persistent.
  4. Enlist the help Storm Help Team if you are not getting a resolution.