Manage the Process . . . Don’t Let the Process Manage You

Don’t give up in the pursuit of your claim if you get a denial. Just because an insurance company says they are not paying you, doesn’t mean your claim is over. In fact, most of the clients we work with have already had an unfair denial, and we’ve successfully won millions of dollars in settlements on their behalf.

  • Be aggressive. This does not mean you should be overtly hostile or unprofessional in working with insurance companies, but it does require you to be persistent, direct and to-the-point.
  • Enlist help. Hire professionals who know the language of insurance claims documentation and processes and who will help you build the best case. If you need additional help, Storm Help Team will take over the process and fight on your behalf.
  • Don’t settle for less. If the insurance company tries to offer you a low settlement, don’t be tempted to take it out of desperation. You may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table that are rightfully yours.
  • Don’t give up. Apart from the professionals at Storm Help Team, no one is more committed to getting your money than you. It’s yours to lose if you give up.