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Storm Help Team
Founded By Scott Mager of Mager Parúas, LLC ~

A Nationally Known Attorney, Author, Television/Radio Commentator, Speaker and Natural Disaster Insurance Litigation Specialist
Here To Maximize Monies You Deserve From Your Insurance Claim

Scott Mager's Personal Beliefs From The Kramer Show

Tips For Hurricane Mathew Victims

Best Way To Make An Insurance Claim

Maximize Money on Insurance Claims

Hurricane Sandy And Insurance Claims

Some Help Getting Started

Resources Available to you

When in need, there is help after a storm such as government assistance, hotels and rental properties, insurance and low interest loans.

Claims Help Videos

View several videos by Scott Mager, Attorney – Special Advisor, National Disaster Claims as he guides you through the insurance claims process.

Step By Step Guide To Claims Process

Step by step guide to the claims process. Prepare yourself to be tenacious and focused in order to receive the monies owed to you in a claim.

You need to be aggressive about your claim and pursue your claim in a way maybe you’re not accustomed to. People think they can take five or ten photographs and that the insurance company will pay the claim. You need to understand that you have to prove your case, document your case and be aggressive.

– Scott Mager, National Disaster Insurance Advisor

Maximize The Monies You Deserve From Your Insurance Claim.
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