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Disaster Relief Reimbursement Professional Scott Mager Joining Legislator Dave Denenberg in Merrick, NY, to Help Sandy Victims

Scott Mager is a nationally recognized attorney with professional advice on how to get reimbursed for recovery efforts.

Mager has been on-the-ground with Storm Help Team ( in the Hurricane Sandy-impacted area for months, speaking to entire community groups about the steps they can take to get rightful reimbursements for property losses.

Mager will be joining Legislator Dave Denenberg, speaking to residents at the Merrick Public Library at 2279 Merrick Ave., Merrick, NY, along with representatives of FEMA and some local government officials, to help residents who are concerned about low, minimum or no payments yet from insurance companies, as well as about hiring contractors who might notbe operating ethically.

Monday, Jan. 28, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Merrick Public Library, 2279 Merrick Ave., Merrick, NY

Mager has assisted numerous families in the New York metro and New Jersey shore areas and offers the following key points in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

  • Notify all insurance companies – 1) Notify each insurance company for which you pay a premium, or 2) speak to an experienced attorney who can specifically tell you which/all insurance companies to notify based on the damage your property has sustained.
  • Keep the process forward-moving by aggressively maintaining active communications – Staying on top of your claim day-in, day-out can mean the difference between a fairly quick resolution and waiting around for many months – or years – to get fully paid.
  • Notify insurance companies of ongoing, completed repairs – Notify insurance companies in writing of anticipated repairs, informing them of the date and list of repairs (with pictures, repair estimates and professional reports included), offering to have adjusters revisit the premises, speak to one’s contractor or make suggestions on repairs.
  • Constantly keep written records – Do not rely on oral representations or statements from anyone.
  • Hire the best professionals – Specific to a property owner’s claim, it is critical to research the best professionals who have specific and substantial experience in handling disaster claims. Getting a full, professional, integrated team working on your behalf can be the best path for complete, quick, hassle-free resolution.

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