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Insurance Claims Specialists

Scott Mager

As one of the founding members of the Storm Help Team and Mager Parúas, LLC – (844-800-LAWS), Scott Mager is a nationally known attorney and author and natural disaster insurance advisor  He has lived through numerous devastating hurricanes and other storm events, and also spent thousands of hours in Florida, as well as New York and other locations, arming citizens with winning strategies to secure more money.  He has been featured on major television networks, national radio around the country and internationally, covering important insurance issues, explanations of types of residential, business and other risk insurance, as well as discussing securing relief from federal and state relief funds, as well as from insurance policies/companies.  He has empowered large and small business owners, condominiums, residential property owners, Chambers of Commerce and other organizations, FEMA representatives, SBA representatives, major government officials, legislators and others. He is a regular contributor to the Storm Help Team.

He has the unique experience at the highest level of seeing both sides of insurance disputes, having served as the Chief Attorney for one of the largest insurance companies in the world – where he also received their National Litigator of the Year Award – and having represented or helped thousands of residents and companies secure tens of millions of dollars of insurance money.  He has participated/testified at national and local panels around the country relating to dozens of storms in Florida, New York, Louisiana and elsewhere.  He has completed over 150 articles, case summaries and lectures on various topics.  He has also given hundreds of hours of philanthropic work, and won such awards as the NFL Community Quarterback Award for Extraordinary Philanthropic Service, among many other honors.  He and others on the team can be reached through or at

Brian Parúas

Brian A. Parúas is a partner at Mager Paruas, LLC and brings a wealth of insurance expertise to the Storm Help Team having handling thousands of claims involving insurance.  He also brings unique experience to the team, having served as a Former Federal Agent for the Department of Justice, along with being the former Senate Aide to the President of the Senate.  He brings a dedication to our community and country that cannot be questioned.

Indeed, as the nation began the process of recovering from the September 11th terrorist attacks, Brian left the Senate staff to join the front lines of America’s defense. In the years that followed, he literally placed his life on the line for our country. He attended the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, Federal Air Marshal Academy and served as Federal Air Marshal, then a uniformed federal law enforcement officer to guard our ports. Brian then attended law school and continued his public service with the Office of the Chief Counsel for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, helping prosecute dangerous criminals in deportation cases on behalf of our nation.

He has extensive experience with understanding insurance policies, worked with hundreds of insurance adjusters and brought millions of dollars or recoveries for clients.

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