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Storm Help Team Launches "Hear Us!" Social Media Campaign Aimed at Empowering Property Owners and Motivating Insurance Industry to Hasten Superstorm Sandy Victims' Insurance Claims Payment

New York, NY – Storm Help Team is encouraging Superstorm Sandy victims to focus on harnessing their frustrations at insurance companies into a social media campaign aimed at urging insurers to do right by their policy holders – to institute better business practices, more thorough investigation, more detailed responses that include payments and specific itemization of what will not be paid and why, and other helpful information needed during the insurance policy claims process.

The social media campaign is headed by Storm Help Team (Twitter: @stormhelpteam), a consortium of engineers, lawyers, public adjusters, estimators, general contractors, window / door inspection experts and other experts working throughout the Sandy-impacted area, led by renowned attorney and disaster relief reimbursement specialist Scott Mager.

“Having seen the effects of dozens of storms, and the continuing delays in payment, the time is now to empower property owners with all the experts and resources necessary to more quickly secure payment of all the money they deserve,” said Mager.

Experts have warned that even the government’s recent release of billions of dollars of grant and loan money does not guarantee anyone will receive the money they need.

The social media push includes a platform for Sandy victims to voice their “Hear Us!” message (hash tag: #HearUs) via photos, video and comment areas – focused on their personal stories of insurance company red tape that has resulted in little or no insurance relief, now months following the storm.

Residents and business owners impacted by Superstorm Sandy are asked to upload their photos or videos to the Storm Help Team Facebook page – and describe what they are posting.

Claimants will be able to share their stories and voice their frustration to insurance companies, showing their storm damage and expressing ways their insurance company could be responding to their claim more fairly and effectively.

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